Friday, June 12, 2015

Round Off Scam I Noticed Do You care ?

I dont know you have noticed it or not ? But i have noticed it recently ! Do you know what? A "Raound Off Scam done by sellers", when we go and eat in macdonald, pizza hut, dominos or anywhere else you may not have noticed a parameter called roundoff amount it varies between a rupee. If we consider our bill it does not sound much and we dont really care about it or never have cared about it. but just see the calculation|:

I am taking "Round of feagure" to be 30 Paise, and i am talking example of dominos and mc donald which i visited recently, you can verify by name on the bill.

suppse a persone loose 30 paise per bill, although it may vary from .1 paise to .99 paise, Lets calculate now. What we will do is that we will take number of outlets in our country.

Averagae Round of feagure : 50 Paise
Number of Customer on a outlet per day : 500 OutLets * 100 = 50000
Number of Outlet in India and customer :50000
Total Money they get : 50000 * 50 paise = 25K to 1L

1L - 5L Per Company

So this money is for nothing but for rounding off, why i dont know, if you know plz tell me.

They charge everything from VAT to service Tax and all taxes, they charge it all from us and why this additional money for ? I dont undersand do you ?

Please care for your money, you work hard for it, and why do you let it taken by someone who is sitting in AC rooms giving gyan and exploiting poor Indians who work for them, and work 12-18 Hrs for them for no reasons.

I am thinking will you ?

Dont give away your money, there are many who are not able to get a day meal, give them instead !!!

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