Sunday, May 3, 2015

Is Baba Ramdev a culprit or victim?

While writing this i could not hold myself to be unbiased, people may find some unbiased but try to some reasoning.

People call him:


Not yet a person can say that Baba Ramdev has cheated them, there is no incident where Baba has demanded money or snatched forcefully, people donate on their will. There are lot many thugs roaming around in India including Indian as well as foreign country. We can see people mixing colors to food items, we see people mixing stones in food items no one is there to catch them or at least point out that they are doing something wrong. There are many foreign companies who are selling medicines which have been long back banned in foreign countries due to ill effect, but no one there to talk about us.
When Baba Ramdev started research on Ayurveda, and started bringing Ayurveda medicines in market they were certified and well cheaper than other products for the same purpose. When Ramdev Baba medicines started catching up the marked and people started believing in them, the companies started getting insecure and the tried find out representative of them in politics to defame Baba Ramdev but they are not able to prove it yet for so many years. If there would be even a small mistake Baba would be in jail till now as many other Babas.


Dhongi means a person pretending to look what he/she is not. I have not seen Baba Ramdev pretending someone else. He speaks his words he speaks his heart. He has not cheated anyone as such. He sells medicines on half price, he work toward Ayurveda which was about to die and people started using allopath with the side effects which no one care to question. He work towards Yoga and now yoga is being performed in many country, I don’t say he is whole and sole responsible for that but there is a good amount of his contribution to it. Now we she there is an International yoga divas.


He sells medicines, medicines need raw materials, raw materials need money to buy. How a person can sell something free of cost when he need money to produce it. He is doing research in Patanjali Yogpeeth on Ayurveda, yoga and other Indian origin things which were better and are good for the world.
People who call him business man can they provide free of cost raw material to him so that he can distribute it free? No they can’t because they will just question the intention but don’t understand it.
If people want to understand they just have to compare the price of Patanjali Yogpeeth product with the same kind of product available in market for example some company honey is 400 per kg and Ramdev give it in half the price. And like wise there are most of the products and medicines which are available on half the cost as compared to marked price. Nothing comes free in this world and people who think Baba Ramdev as Baba should not do business so need to ask them will they provide the product he is giving to people? Or will they request other companies to reduce the price. And all the product of Baba Ramdev are licensed and well authenticated then why anyone should have problem?

He mix bones in medicines

I remember once some leader came with an idea that Baba Ramdev mix animal and human bones in his medicines, and there was huge amount of fuss created in media and among people, they were behaving as if Ramdev Baba is giving poison to people. Baba Ramdev was prosecuted and came out clean but no one apologies for defaming him or telling lied about his contribution to our country.

He sells medicines to have a boy child.

The people rarely understand Ayurveda or Sanskrit are becoming expert and creating fuss about the name which does not mean what it says. There is no proof that Baba is selling medicine for getting a mail child but the medicine is to increase the fertility. And the case happened to be a fuss again:

Money laundering case against Baba Ramdev aide
They said Baba Ramdev closed aide is doing money laundering and came illegally from Nepal, which was proven wrong and case has to be withdrawn:


Rattled with the fact that Baba Ramdev is being made brand ambassador of Haryana for yoga some people got stomach ache and started it again. I hope and wish that if these people question foreign companies doing business in India and selling things which are banned in foreign then we can understand that they are really worried for the nation and people but they don’t as shows their hypocrisy for god know what reason.

What Ramdev Baba done for country

Spread Ayurveda
Spread Yoga
Provide cheaper world class product at half price
Helped effected people in Nepal
Adopted many orphan children

Just for information here is some price comparison of the products:
Chyawanprash 1Kg

Others – 280-300

Patanjali – 200-250

Difference about(30-50)


Honey 1 Kg
Others >300
Patanjali <300
Difference >30-50rs

Cow Ghee
Others >500-600
Patanjali 450-550
Difference > 50

These are some examples and there are lot many differences in many products.

I don’t support wrong doing but I can’t bear happening wrong if I feel so, my views may be wrong or right suggestions always welcomed.

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